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   Thank you so very much!

Dear Baron Sponsor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the commitment you have made to the student-athletes of Amelia and your support of the Boosters. The Boosters was developed to not only help support the student-athlete’s many needs but to help supplement the athletic department at Amelia.  Thanks to your continued support, our programs continue to thrive.

While special projects are being planned for the future, our yearly needs remain constant. Your support, your money, your community pride directly support athletics – by improving facilities, providing special equipment, placing uniforms on our athletes, and offering more opportunities for student-athletes.

The triumphs experienced today in our sports programs, along with our current facilities, were not developed overnight. They are a culmination of many years of hard work and commitment by hundreds and hundreds of student-athletes, coaches, athletic staff members, trainers, doctors, administrators, alumni and loyal friends like you who have supported the Boosters.

YOU make a difference to us! Thank you again for making your financial contribution that will help sustain our success, both in the immediate future and in the years to come.



Randy Sprague

President, Amelia Athletic Boosters 2007-13

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