"The Team Behind the Teams"

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 Booster Club President Message

Welcome to the Athletic Booster Club and its program of support for all of the exciting and competitive athletic activities and games at Amelia High School!  We are a school and community rich in both academic and athletic traditions.

The Athletic Boosters would like to extend a welcome to all AHS students, parents and families.

The AHS Athletic Booster Club is a volunteer group of interested adults, which supports all athletic related activities within an environment that promotes leadership, team spirit, and sportsmanship, both in the classroom and at athletic events. We do this by providing financial support to athletic teams that cannot be provided through normal school channels. Support is provided to the school for all eligible groups on an equitable basis, including all girls and boys teams, J.V. and Varsity alike.

Freshman & Sophomore Families We look forward to new members and new projects in 2013-2014.  We will be asking for your help and support throughout the year during our fundraising activities, but a portion of our funds comes from Booster Club memberships. Our goal is 100% membership and representation of all our athletes and their families in the Booster Club. Consider joining and supporting your children and all our athletes at AHS as a Booster Club member.  A family membership is only $25.

Parental involvement is the key to establishing a tradition of successful support provided by the Booster Club. In the preceding years with strong parent and community support, we have been fortunate to assist Amelia High School physically and financially, contributing over $80,000 in just the last three years, and we thank all those individuals who have donated their time, talent, and resources for our school.

The AHS Booster Club is a good way to get involved with the AHS students, staff, and parents.

We hope you will become an active member of the Boosters and will share in the support we offer to the athletic programs at Amelia High School.  Become a member, and you will be in the "loop" of what is going on! Check us out, attend our meetings and fund raisers, get on our e-mail list for updates, be part of the action by volunteering to help out. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you will learn about the goings-on at AHS.